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  • Mono Repo vs. Micro Front-ends with Next.js

    In the world of web development, the architecture of your project can significantly influence its scalability, maintainability, and performance.

  • Styling options in NextJS 13+ (Server Side and Client Side)

    Styling choices in Next.js can be confusing. Some prefer CSS modules, while others opt for the popular Tailwind CSS.

  • State Handling in React JS

    React's component-based architecture enables developers to create reusable, composable UI elements.

  • NextCloud on Synology Docker 2024

    NextCloud is a widely used hosting solution that offers an integrated office suite, allowing users to utilize the platform in a manner similar to services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

  • Eleventy Resume Builder

    Despite searching the internet, I couldn't find a quick starter for my online resume project, not even on the official 11ty start page. Consequently, I decided to invest some time in creating one and making it available as a starter project for a broader audience.

  • The Rise of Digital Minimalism

    Digital minimalism offers a solution to combat information overload, reduce screen time, etc.

  • Dockerizing a React App in Simple Steps

    Docker allows you to package your React app along with its dependencies and configuration into a container

  • How to Setup Mac Terminal

    People often ask me how I setup my Mac terminal, here is the guide.

  • Track web traffic anonymously

    Implementing analytics on any web platform is not a difficult job but keeping it privacy-focused is

  • 7 ways to make your website more accessible and sustainable

    We often talk about sustainability and try to decrease our CO₂

  • Top 5 ways to structure a frontend project

    Open-source projects you get very little chance to structure the project, but you still can set guidelines upfront

  • Day 6 (last) - Your first week in NodeJS

    During the course of this series, we have already developed a Node.js application that can be deployed on the cloud.

  • Day 5 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I explained how to implement a template engine to get dynamic variables into your HTML file.

  • Day 4 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe by now you are already comfortable with core modules of Node.js and have created your own RESTFul API service.

  • Day 3 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe you have already read my previous article where I explained, how to spin up a Node.js server instance

  • Day 2 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe you have already read my previous article where I explained, the basics of Node.js

  • Day 1 - Your first week in NodeJS

    I believe you know something about Node.js before starting this course, just to refresh your memory.

  • How to write short JavaScript code?

    I know some of you have never used short syntax JavaScript statements for example if/else vs. ternary statement.

  • CORS in NextJS

    Setting up CORS is always a challenge for people who are not really from server-side application backgrounds.

  • PiHole on Docker

    My follow-up article to Up and running with RaspberryPi with Docker. Previously, I showed configuring docker and docker-compose on RaspberryPi.

  • Up and running with RaspberryPi with Docker

    How to configure RaspberryPi with docker and docker-compose.

  • Aria is not my thing

    I am reading a lot about accessibility guidelines and met/working with some people who are responsible to deliver accessible experiences

  • Node.js Login Service (express.js + passport)

    I often see developers struggle or invest too much time to create authorization modules in their Node.js applications.

  • Express.js + EJS complete solution

    People who have less time to invest and are familiar with the Handlebar template engine can quickly set up their website.

  • My first Strapi project experience

    I found Strapi as a good example since it is not only popular these days but comes with nearly zero bootstrap footprints.

  • Host your Strapi project

    In this article, I will walk you through the Strapi CMS setup on your local machine followed by deploying it to Heroku.

  • Are you logging your NodeJS code?

    Logs are an essential part of an application, it provides you deep level access

  • Responsive vs. Adaptive Design

    One of the regular topics which usually comes in every discussion before starting a website is actually a bit confusing too.

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