Can we use Google services without compromising privacy?

Over the period of time, people are aware of what internet privacy is and why it is important.

“Google” is becoming an important part of our lives, from searching anything on Google or watching an interesting video on YouTube you heavily rely on Google services.

There is a question that often comes to my mind why Google is giving it for free?

No, it is not free…!

Basically, when we search something on Google (especially while logged in on Chrome), it tags that particular search to your account. Just imagine you search for “Hotels in New York City”, you just gave your personal information to Google that you are planning to travel to New York (even sometimes with dates).

Not only this but sometimes we search for “How to start on {something}”, you don’t even know that you just compromised your personal interests, your plans everything with Google.

Come on, tell me if there is a way to use Google services without compromising my privacy!

  • Search Engine: If you are not a big fan of Google search, I would recommend start using as a search engine.


This search engine is nothing but gives you full access to your search, so whatever you search here is not monitored by any third-party cookies and is not tracked by any ad services.

  • Browser: Not only search engines, but you can also change your browsing experience to improve your privacy. I started using Firefox these days and I am very happy with the overall experience. There are several options that you can opt for after installing Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Choosing Strict Mode: By choosing this mode you are telling Firefox to prevent you from Social media trackers, Cross-site tracking cookies, etc. (Disclaimer: It may impact the functionality of some sites).

firefox settings

  • Keep Search suggestions off when you type your search in browser search. You must have seen when you start typing anything in your browser search it immediately gives you results which may be the biggest security concern. Just imagine you accidentally pasted your password or something even more sensitive.

search suggestions

Tor Browser (Onion Routing)

This browser keeps your privacy as a priority. By using onion routing it never discloses your IP address to the destination node. Each packet sending through this browser is encrypted and routed through three nodes (Entry gourd, Middle rely on, Exit rely on).

tor routing

  • Tor browser is similar to Firefox in experience since it is built on Firefox and provides another level of encryption layer. You can configure your Tor browser by either directly connecting to your Tor services or Configure your own proxy.

tor browser

Disclaimer: I do not endorse this browser for any illegal activities. You still can be caught if you do so.

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